OneAlo Hotel and Resort

The resort was established in 1991, and named as “Pyramid of Asia” located in a three (3) hectares lot in between of the Barangay Lelemaan and Barangay Cabanbanan Manaoag Pangasinan, which is being visited by countless tourists both local and foreigners during the time of Rev. Alex L. Orbito. What attracts people from everywhere are regular reports that Miracles about sick people are getting cured amazingly, some medical operation or partake of any kind of medicine in the local “Pyramid.”And now, it is under new management and named “OneALO Hotel and Resort” which caters different foods ,events, team building and many more. The new OneAlo Hotel and Resort was registered last Feb 20,2020 and started the business operation on August 22,2020. Some areas of the resort was being renovated and made it into a modernized, cozy and economic friendly environment. 

OneAlo Hotel and Resort has conducted series of events which attracts tourists. It promotes different activities such as sports activity, social media activity, team building and many more. The newly renovated swimming pool is really that inviting, which the resort received good feedback from the guests because of

it`s unique shaped, wide and big space. Aside from the spacious garden and some “instagrammable view” and the resort`s amenities, the company implement good customer service.


   The ideology of our vision is to continue to apply and  set the highest standards of service quality, and in that way justify and uphold the reputation among the guests, partners, competitors and the wider community.


The mission of the company is to put hospitality services on the highest level in
order to satisfy the demands and expectations of the guests. Our aim is to make
the OneAlo Hotel and Resort a place for encounters, business success, pleasant
meetings, gala ceremonies, events,and family bonding.